Going Touchless Is The Future of Meeting Rooms

Our teams have been working around the clock throughout 2020 do address the most important challenges meeting participants faced lately and we are delighted to bring our solutions to them to tackle these.

A vast array of Lightware advantages are offered to lay down the AV foundations for the touchless meeting rooms of the future, where participant can collaborate more safely and effectively than ever before.

We will soon fully reveal a wide range of devices and developments revolving around touchless collaboration, including projects intended to address the following:


  • Users need to connect their BYOD to the huddle space using various connections such as HDMI, DVI, DP
  • Touching frequently used common interfaces/buttons increasing the risk of transferring infections
  • Meeting rooms have numerous individual switches and buttons that need to be unified and controlled together
  • Integrators require quick and easy set up of room automation features


  • Lightware smart extenders allow users to connect their BYOD via all common video standards, like HDMI, DVI, DP
  • Plugging in a BYOD device triggers a sequence of automated meeting features, like turn turning on a display without the need to touch or press anything else
  • Occupancy sensors can also be connected via GPIO ports and trigger predefined set of actions automatically
  • The Event Manager allows intuitive setup and control without programming skills

Find out more details about Lightware’s pioneering technology and touchless solutions via the link below.