Touchdown in Times Square

Part themed attraction, part museum exhibit, “The NFL Experience,” located in New York City’s Times Square, is a new permanent interactive football experience for both the die-hard and casual fans of the game.

The NFL, working with the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, have created a multi-floor experience where visitors come in as if they were a new player in the league. They get to see and experience the different teams through interactive displays of videos, audio clips, and historical artifacts including a Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, all of the Super Bowl tickets, and a collection of the winning team’s rings over the years. There’s also a 4D Stadium theater experience of what it’s like to be on the playing field from the player’s perspective from pre-season through the Super Bowl and in various kinds of weather.

This themed experience was designed by Cirque in partnership with experience design company Thinkwell Group, who specialize in themed entertainment.

Using the same technology and design principles that are used when designing and producing museums and theme parks the NFL itself was turned into an attraction, eight engaging experiences were created backed by augmented reality and other cutting-edge, interactive technologies.


Permanent NFL Experiance Projection