Shipping Now: UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-F110

UBEX is our revolutionary, fiber-optical, scaling AV-Over-IP system which allows uncompressed 4K UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 signal extension with latency-free multistreaming. It is designed to use in a 10G Ethernet network for distances ranging between 400 m and 80 km, using singlemode or multimode SFP+ optical modules.

Exclusive Services in Variant UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-F110

UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-F110 includes additional services for fully independent audio signal management and control options

Additional UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-F110 services:

add_circle Bi-directional IR and RS-232

add_circle3x 1G Ethernet port for device control

add_circle Analog audio embedding and de-embedding via balanced Phoenix I/O ports

This UBEX model has a fully independent audio layer where an audio channel of any endpoint in the system can be routed to any HDMI output stream, or can be de-embedded to the analog audio output port.

As a unique feature among AV extenders and AV-Over-IP systems, UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-F110 is also capable of TRX2 (or transceiver) mode, when a single unit is receiving and transmitting signals simultaneously. Please note, that this feature is also available in the base UBEX model.


Signal routing in TRX mode

Signal routing in RX mode

Signal routing in TX mode