Room Automation Panel with Programmable Scheduling

The Room Automation Panel (RAP) was developed to provide Lightware’s own, independent room control interface for small-to-medium applications, typically meeting rooms and conference rooms.

Our customers can now build systems without the need for third party control, based on purely Lightware technology and on our open API, saving investment and long time maintenance costs as well, while assuring system reliability.

As a built-in feature in RAP, Event Manager performs actions at a response to a predefined condition the number of programmable events is 300. It also includes a real time clock for automated scheduling of actions.

What can you use automated scheduling for? RAP prepares your meeting room before you enter: you can program room automation to turn on and adjust the necessary equipment before the start of the workday, and of course it can also turn off everything at the end of the day. This is only one example, but using the numerous control channels within RAP, the possibilities are almost limitless.