Meet the Next Generation of TPS Extenders with USB KVM

Introducing the newest members of our acclaimed TPS extender range, the UMX-TPS-TX140K and the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK that both adds USB KVM capability to the mix.

It has always been Lightware’s core value to constantly develop and fine-tune the devices we offer for industry professionals in all segments of the AV world.

Our TPS extender series are not an exclusion to this approach, and we are delighted to announce the recent debut of the newest devices that now offer USB KVM connectivity on the top of their already impressive range of features.

Extend Signals in a Wide Range of Applications

Lightware’s TPS extenders allow users to seamlessly extend even 4K@60Hz signals over distances up to 170 m using a single CAT cable, making these devices particularly useful for applications such as conference rooms, educational spaces, control rooms and even home cinema applications.

The new editions are now enhanced with USB KVM compatibility, allowing users to utilise controls via Keyboard & Mouse in a point-to-point extension between these devices.

On the top of this improvement, both the UMX-TPS-TX140K and the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK are capable to be integrated into Cisco VC rooms with controls thanks to the built-in Event Manager and to the Advanced Control Feature pack.

What’s new about the UMX-TPS-TX140K?

Differences between the previous UMX-TPS-TX140 edition might not be immediately noticeable for the untrained eye, but the new edition bring a whole lot of improvements compared to its predecessor.

On a physical level, the UMX-TPS-TX140K comes with an extra mini-USB port solely dedicated to the USB KVM controls.

Under the hood, it supports Cisco VC rooms and other 3rd party collaboration tools, whilst also maintains all the previously renowned features.

What’s new about the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK?

Compared to its predecessor, the improvements of the ‘AK’ version over the previous HDMI-TPS-RX110AY are clearly visible at first glance.

It comes with two USB-A type connectors for local KVM devices, and it also features one additional local HDMI input and one independent HDMI output. This new layout basically makes the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK an HDMI matrix on its own with the cross-point size of 2x2.

It is also important to note that compared to previous editions of the HDMI-TPS extenders, the new, KVM version comes with a 3.5mm Jack audio output instead of the previous Phoenix audio port to make a better fit for corporate environments.


Get more information on the product page


Get more information on the product page

Continuous Innovation Across All Product Ranges

The newest members of Lightware’s TPS extender family have been designed to make operation and configuration as easy as possible for integrators and end-users, and the newly introduced USB KVM feature is yet another proof to Lightware’s continuous dedication to offer the most innovative devices for all sorts of AV projects.