New Taurus UCX Variants are Now Shipping

We are excited to announce that the latest, more compact product variants of the widely successful Taurus UCX universal switcher product range are now availabable for shipping.

As a natural progression from the success of the UCX-4x2-HC30 and UCX-4x2-HC30D switchers, we are excited to release the UCX-2x1-HC30 providing 1x HDMI and 1x USB-C connections and the UCX-2x2-H30 which comes with 2x HDMI connections. Both solutions provide a genuine BYOD setup for smaller collaboration spaces where less connectivity ports are sufficient.


Get more information on the product page


Get more information on the product page

Now available in four different variants, these versatile units greatly enhance the flexibility of any meeting room by allowing participants to easily bring their own device (BYOD) to the meeting and make full use of it to run any soft conferencing platform and utilize any meeting room USB peripherals such as a webcam, microphone, soundbar, and touchscreen.

As teams begin to return to their offices after long months of lockdowns, confidence in meeting room technology and bio-security is more important than ever before.

The new Taurus UCX variants, just like their larger counterparts offer unique features:
USB-C connectivity

Over a single cable for 4K video, audio, and data signal management

Power for charging

Power for charging connected devices up to 60w

USB 3.1 host switching layer

Provides connection for multiple devices, while a smart cooling system ensures noiseless operation.

The ‘Custom Welcome Screen’ function allows for the display of a customer logo and room information alongside a rich and user-friendly feature set.

Check out the possibilities offered by these new variants and learn more about what difference Taurus UCX can bring to any collaboration space.