Webinar - Lightware Cisco Touch 10 Integration Training

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Lightware Cisco Touch 10 Integration Training

This highly popular webinar will show how to easily gain control of Lightware AV switchers, sources, displays, and environmental elements such as lights, shades and motorized screens, all directly from the Cisco Touch 10 control panel!

NEW! A short, 20 minute introduction will start the presentation aimed at the people in the audience who are more interested in ‘what we do’ than ‘how this works’.

Learn about the Lightware advantages: our intelligent switchers connect directly to Cisco codecs, so there is no need for a dedicated control processor or expensive custom programming to expand your systems. Lightware devices can be easily integrated, mainly because of our open API, but also because of the built-in analytics and diagnostics tools. Event Manager room control makes it easy to configure custom switching and control attributes that empowers the Touch 10.

This training webinar is for end-users, integrators and consultants, and will be presented by a senior engineer from Lightware Headquarters. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, sign-up now!

Time: Wednesday, August 30th – 9:00AM – 10:00AM EST

  • Easy-to-understand introductory presentation in non-technical terms
  • Presenting built-in Event Manager room control of Lightware Devices
  • Cisco firmware versions support, configuration files and requirements
  • Ingredients including Lightware Device Controller, Text Editor
  • Physical connectivity between devices using USB to RS232 and TCP/IP
  • Two-way feedback to Touch 10 updating available sources
  • Creating custom buttons/text on Touch 10
  • Assigning buttons on Touch 10 to events in Lightware

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