Lightware InfoComm US 2018

InfoComm US 2018 has concluded and we have had more visitors than ever in the history of this exhibition.

Many were interested in both traditional and AV-Over-IP systems, and most were quickly convinced by the added of our products, providing such solutions and services built-in, which other makers would only deliver at an extra cost, like the Event Manager room control system or the analytics and diagnostics tools. Our live demonstration of easy integration of Lightware switchers into CISCO rooms was more than exciting for everyone who experienced it in the booth.

InfoComm US 2018 Gallery

This is what the Rack Power Tray for 16 of our HDMI 2.0 OPTJ optical extenders looks like, if you are a fish!

Early bird visitors, who will realize in no time that it is pointless to go anywhere else at InfoComm US 2018 than the Lightware booth.

The VINX AV-Over-IP device pair has a good wizard inside, which makes video wall setup really easy, and faster than ever. Hocus-pocus!

Like princesses looking out to the world from the castle window, these traditional matrix switchers are waiting to become the heart of great installations.

Two different apporaches of the same genre, HDMI 2.0 compatible fiber optical extenders: sending your pixel-perfect signals to a receiver far, far away.

We actually love this technical beauty, but we also know that her true values are inside! Full HDMI 2.0 compatibility with a large crosspoint: the new MX2 series matrix switchers.

Look who’s twerking now!  Look at the amazing abundance of control ports, the golden HDMI and the bi-directional, analog audio connectors! The MMX series matrix switchers are waiting for your application ideas!

You had to look for this sight at InfoComm if you wanted to find the booth really worth visiting.

This is the overlord device for the high-end UBEX AV-Over-IP optical system, the Matrix Management Unit. It has to be connected to the same Ethernet switch as the UBEX devices to create a huge virtual matrix.

This is UBEX, the high-end, uncompressed AV-Over-IP system. She is not only scalable, fast and versatile, but also quite beautiful.