Lightware Configuration at Boeing Collaboration Center

Two collaboration rooms are included at the Boeing Collaboration Center, inside the company's new mid-Atlantic headquarters complex in Arlington VA, which are sleek and to the point and has a myriad of Lightware extenders and matrices at the core.

The Collaboration Center sparkles and impresses as it tells Boeing's 100-year story. It is set up to take visitors through that narrative in a specific sequence. Upon entering, you're immediately greeted by the Entrance Feature, which is a multi-sensory visualization of the company's diverse capabilities, combining backlit screens with imagery from ultra-short-throw projectors in a tightly synchronized playout from a workstation/server. Guests then encounter the Welcome Wall: this 3x3 array of 55-inch multi-touch displays communicates customized messaging for VIPs, weather and airport info and also a comprehensive 100-year history of Boeing.


The “jewel of the configuration” is One Boeing Wall, an impressive array of 18 interactive displays that includes videoconferencing capabilities on a huge scale and that allows customers to explore and cross-reference Boeing products, services and capabilities.
The Horizon Theater is a variable-seat venue in which guests can experience presentations, webcasts and flight simulations, projected onto a curved screen illuminated by three projectors. The venue can also be used for two-way video and audio conferences with remote participants. It's an immersive environment that integrates 5.1 surround sound and high-definition image projection on a 180° curved screen.

Multitouch Table

After the already mentioned installations the visitors get to the collaboration rooms. By that point, they've been totally immersed in Boeing's history and culture. If there are enough visitors, the two rooms can be joined into a single conference area with a touch of a wireless panel.
It's a big facility for a big company, but also one that reflects how Boeing's products not only take people places, but also keep them connected and engaged in the process.

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