Lightware at ISE 2017

As everyone in the proAV industry, Lightware also pays special attention to ISE every year. However, we also have a sweet spot for ISE in our hearts as it was here in 2006 when Lightware introduced the world’s first digital matrix switcher to the visitors. We never miss the opportunity since to show something new to the AV market at ISE, pioneer products or technologies we develop.

Full 4K 8x8 Matrix Switcher

This year we continue to showcase our MX2-8x8-HDMI20-Audio matrix switcher, which we already had on display last year. Though a whole year passed by since then, there are still only a few matrix switchers on the market providing HDMI 2.0 compatibility: our 8x8 matrix can keep that promise for real and handle Full 4K signals at 60 Hz and RGB 4:4:4 color space.


Multimode Single Fiber Optical Extenders - Rental Edition

We are also going to present our latest development, a fully HDMI 2.0 compatible optical extender pair, designed with rental and stage applications in mind, the HDMI20-OPTC-RX220-Pro / HDMI20-OPTC-TX220-Pro. These devices are also capable of splitting the HDMI 2.0 signal to conform compatible projectors with two HDMI input ports able to rebuild the Full 4K video from two halves. These extenders also feature top and side mounting threads to conform the most strict installation safety and security standards.


UMX Series Multiport Switcher with Event Manager

Collaboration spaces come in all sizes at Lightware from the smallest huddle room to the largest video conferencing hall. Having this in mind we prepared our exhibition booth at ISE 2017 with a complete section devoted to collaboration spaces.

Huddle rooms can surely benefit from the features provided by our latest switcher, the UMX-HDMI-140. This device accepts practically any possible input connector and signal as it has VGA, HDMI, DVI and DP input port connectors forwarding the signals to the HDMI output. It offers convenient further ports for audio embedding, including the good old 3.5 jack connector for your audio input. Control options include IR, RS232 and Ethernet.


4x2 Mini Matrix Switchers with Audio Breakaway

If your meeting room requires somewhat more serious gear, we have recently released two new ‘mini matrix switchers’ with 4x2 crosspoint, MMX4x2-HT200 also including a HDBaseT™ compatible TPS port, while its close relative MMX4x2-HDMI being a good choice for those only having local signal destinations.