Lightware Training Center – Behind the Scenes of USB Quizzes

Simultaneously with the Behind the Scenes of USB webinar series, we have created two related quizzes to allow participants and visitors to test their knowledge in USB technology and to gain Avixa RU points for completing them.

The first quiz revolves around the ‘Basics of USB’, in line with the contents of the first part of the webinar, while the second questionnaire covers to topic of how next generation Lightware devices utilize USB connectivity in AV integration, just like it was presented in the second part.

Webinar Calendar

In order to unlock up to 3.5 Avixa RU points participant require to score at least 80% on each. If you haven’t done so yet, we highly encourage you to register to the above webinar sessions where all of your questions about USB technology will be answered. 

If you have already completed the webinars, or just simply want to test your knowledge, you can get start these webinars straight away below.