Software upgrade to redundant power operation for MX2M-FR24R modular frame

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Upon installing a second power supply unit (PSU) for the MX2M-FR24R matrix frame, users need to upgrade the device’s firmware to unlock the possibility for redundant operation. Devices that has been ordered with only one PSU unit only have their Power Drawer 1 active with Power Drawer 2 inactive by default, a feature also known as Single PSU License.

In order to activate Power Drawer 2 and thus achieve redundant operation users need to purchase this MX2M-FR24R Redundancy Upgrade that quickly and easily performs the unlocking.

The upgrade needs to be performed whether the frame has the MX2M-PSU-500-F or MX2M-PSU-1250-FP power units installed in it.

For users who purchased their device with two PSU drawers originally do not need to perform the firmware upgrade as their device is fully power redundancy capable by default.

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