Release Note - MiniWeb Room Control Configurator

 Version 2.2.0
    - Added - Lightware MMX8x8-HT440
    - Added - Lightware MMX8x8-HT080
    - Added - Lightware RAC-B501
 Version 2.1.0
    - Added - Display and projector control for RAP-B511
    - Changed - Compatibility list with the latest available Advanced Control Pack v3 capable devices.
    - Fixed - Print preview output for installation guide
 Version 2.0.0
   - Added Access Control to have passcode or pin access for the units (MiniWeb for all / Device with Miniweb option for ACPv3 capable units)
   - Added deviceless HTML serving possibility for using one HTML file (runs on a server) for multiple Lightware units
   - Added clean background option with selectable hue and saturation
   - Added company background upload option with selectable opacity (only in advanced editor) (with device dependent size limits)
   - Added RAP-B511 (ACPv3) as main unit
   - Added Biamp Tesira control
   - Added Shure ANIUSB control
   - Added Speaker and Mic Volume and Mute options for Lightware and 3rd party units
   - Added PTZ camera control option for VISCA, Pelco-P, Pelco-D   
   - Added connection signalling at the middle bottom of the screen to be able to see the current status of the connection
   - Added reconnecting with timeout when the device tries to connect but without success
   - Added copy generated panel sets to be able to change the complete look and order of buttons, pages, panels and names of it
   - Added reordering capability for UI panels, pages, rows and buttons
   - Added 30 second connection when a panel is opened, then panel and connection will be closed to free up connection (panel selection will reopen the connection again)
   - Added old to new control conversion when .mwrconf file reused or configuration selected in from the configuration history
   - Added 3 tap on background to pop up temporary background settings just for preview
   - Added 5 tap on background to pop up developer tools like terminal console and LW3 browser
   - Changed default (original) background to clean background to have better performance for older tablets
   - Changed IP address of the device which is only required for QR code
   - Changed connection behaviour to be able to have connection for multiple devices
   - Changed name and label escaping to be able to have different characters for any language
   - Changed configurator elements size to wider
   - Changed advanced editor sections to collapsible
   - Changed advanced editor section names to have better experience
   - Changed JSON object model in the exported HTML file to have better understanding for those who decide to edit the JSON model on their own
   - Fixed USB follow video
   - Fixed connection issue
   - Fixed commands for the Extra Events section of the Advanced Editor
   - Fixed UI editor's button / widget IDs
   - Fixed UI for Firefox, MS Edge, Opera browsers
   - Fixed corrupted .mwrconf file upload
 Version 1.1.1 - 1.1.2
   - Fixed for room aoutomation event set

 Version 1.1.0
   - Fixed Compatibility chart contrast ratio 
   - Fixed Display control via serial port selection in the configurator
   - Added User Interface Extensions Editor (in the Advanced Editor)
   - Added User Interface Button conditions for Extra Control Events (in the Advanced Editor)
   - Added Speaker Volume for Room Control section for controlling the analog audio output levels of the Lightware unit
   - Added Display Volune for Room Control section for controlling the display's audio volume levels
   - Added GPIO and RELAY actions with feedback
   - Added USB follow Video option to the Special Feature Collection in the Room Control section
   - Added GPIO (presence sensor) and video signal based room automatization.
   - Changed Camera Selector for USB webcameras to have USB host signaling information when a host is connected
   - Changed Camera Selector for USB webcameras to have current USB switch position feedback
 Version 1.0.3
   - HDMI-TPS-TX96, -TX97 configurations fixed
 Version 1.0.0 - 1.0.2
   - Initial release
   - MiniWeb creation for compatible units
   - Installation guide creation with system drawing and QR code
   - Capability to edit, save and upload the configuration
   - QR code access grants 5 min access then page refresh needed (because of the limited webscoket connection)
   - Fixes for site operation