Training and Education AV Market Solutions

Nothing can help keeping up the attention of the students and ease the interaction between the lecturer and the listeners than a well-tuned and designed AV system. Operating the AV system in the lecturing halls should be easy, to allow everyone to concentrate on teaching and studying instead of bringing the video network alive.



Classrooms may prove to be a tough nut of an installation design job, as it can include a great mix of sources and needs, while budgets for them are typically minimal. Lightware builds devices with advanced technologies and this is also true for our more budget-friendly segment. HDBaseT™ extension can make a huge difference in the visibility and audibility features in a classroom. 

Auditoriums and Lecture Halls

Modern lecture halls have AV systems delivering content to multiple screens and provide options to input signals from various sources and locations. Sources can have 4K signals, but even VGA resolution is still common place. For the best audibility integration for audio equipment with amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones is desirable.

Application Example: Meeting Room

Lightware offers solutions operating without user intervention: our built-in Event Manager feature automatically connects the presenter’s laptop to the displays or projectors, dimming the light, pulling drapes, lowering the projector screen. All that without any need for expensive third party control systems. The AV system will not distract the educators anymore from their most important task: transferring knowledge.

Application Example: Lecture Hall

Probably one of the most perfect choices for the purpose is the MMX6x2-HT220 matrix switcher, which provides two HDMI outputs, each mirrored to HDBaseT™ outputs, for connecting to two displays. Two HDBaseT and four HDMI inputs allow presentations from local sources but also from locations as far as 170 m away from the equipment. This matrix has Advanced EDID Management, audio embedding and de-embedding, and includes the aforementioned Event Manager, the built-in control solution for moderate sized systems.

Broadcast Video to Every Classroom

An easily installable school-wide video distribution system can be accomplished with the use of AV-Over-IP based VINX devices, designed to work in even existing Gigabit Ethernet networks. A single unit can encode the video signal which can be received and decoded by a large number of VINX decoders, distributing a message, a live video feed or an educational video program all over the school building, while the installation costs can still remain modest. The latest VINX variants can also be fed standard PoE remote power, which makes device placements easy, even if power sources are scarce at destination.

Training and Education applications:

  • Huddle Spaces
  • Training Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Lecture Halls
  • Remote Education Video Room
  • Video Conference Rooms

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