Oil & Gas

Many of Lightware’s close partners and distributors have installed Lightware equipment installed in oil & gas onshore and offshore facilities, with positive experiences and customer feebacks in areas of audio, video, collaboration and control infrastructure.

Oil & Gas

Sophisticated AV Systems for Complex Infrastructures

Oil & Gas AV systems share audio, video and data over high speed networks and allow direct instant communication on local and global scale. A well designed AV system with reliable Lightware devices contribute to productivity, seamless communications, manage signals in real time monitoring and provide local conferencing systems. High resolution video helps with the accuracy of data interpretation, video conferencing provides virtual meeting environments and real time data sharing makes work processes efficient, and help in finding the optimal solutions for arising problems in the shortest time.

Boosting Communication and Control Efficiency

An AV system can greatly enhance the feed of information, which results in better operations, and in speeding up the evaluation of situations, leading to rapid decision making.

Selecting the Best Technology for the Purpose

An oil rig is a costly installation, once established, it needs to be managed, controlled and operated at the highest levels of environmental and personal safety and efficiency, which calls for sophisticated and reliable technology. A complex system infrastructure like this has a lot of endpoints in an AV application, for which Lightware’s 25G Hybrid router, populated with HDBaseT boards, offers the world’s largest CAT cable based switching plane. Another obvious option is UBEX, the next generation optical extender unit with Full 4K capabilities, which can form a virtually unlimited sized matrix with the use of a standard Ethernet switch as a virtual crosspoint. 

Case Studies:

  Viju Upgrades Oil and Gas Onshore Operations Center with Lightware 25G Router