Digital Signage AV Market Solutions

Digital signage is usually a series of electronic displays used to show advertisements, product information, menu boards, wayfinding or other visual messages in lobby receptions, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms, student lounges, basically any public space or network. This modern approach to typically marketing communication actively draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity.

Digital Signage

A professional digital signage system usually consists of the displays themselves, a media player, a matrix switcher, a transmitter, a receiver, media software and control software. One can also easily display content on screens through a web-based solution.

An AV solution for digital signage has to be low profile and clean looking, while giving a modern first impression to visitors and keep them informed of everything they need to know. Adding interactive content to the digital signage mix can create an immersive brand experience for the shoppers.

Most Lightware devices feature advantages which benefits digital signage applications – at the installation phase and during proper operation alike. Our Networked AV extenders, VINX, is especially fitting for such applications with the easiest setup possible and with all the right features digital signage installations might require.

Use our HDBaseT compatible TPS extenders and matrices to effectively dispay your marketing messages on multiple high resolution screens simultaniously, which can be as far from the source as 170 m, do it without latency and in sync. Reach farther spots with optical transmitters, and in a complex system you can play around with mixing the two kind of transmissions as Lightware gear is fully interoperable.