Lightware's Mission

The Lightware story starts with an enterprise of just two electrical engineers, who established a company for maintaining and servicing projectors, and then eventually they also started renting projectors out.

But the engineering spirits of the founders never rested and they also detected the demand for auxiliary equipment, helping the organizers of shows who rented projectors to manage video signals. So they started designing and building smaller matrix switchers, then a few years and a couple of tailor-made matrices later Lightware introduced the world’s first ever DVI matrix at ISE in Brussels, in 2006.

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We were small but daring pioneers, developing and bringing something to the market nobody was making, even less using at that time. We were ahead of the times then, and this is what we are trying to do today.

We listen to the voices of people who are the engines of the AV industry – engineers, system designers, installers, AV rental experts – and we come to conclusions, ones helping us design and create new products. We have been doing the same since start and we intend to continue to do so in the future. We want to anticipate what’s coming and understand what people want, and create the technology destined to become the next big trend in the near future.

Our Mission and Vision in short:

  1. To be pioneers.     
  2. To anticipate future customer wants and needs
  3. To create the future’s next great technology today